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Vehicle tracking . 

As either a stand-alone service or as part of a surveillance package Templar Investigations can provide up to date tracking analysis of a vehicle. We can provide locations and routes taken by the vehicle or vehicles that have been identified for the tracking service. 

Many of our clients use vehicle tracking to monitor the activity of spouses/partners if they believe or have a suspicion they are committing adultery. Clients also use this service to monitor the vehicle movement of a family member such as a young adult if they are concerned where they are going and whom they are meeting. Our business-owning clients contact us to confirm suspicion a member of staff may be using company vehicle(s) for personal or unauthorised use. 


Our clients also use this service in combination with the surveillance service. The vehicle tracking service allows us to monitor the movement when the surveillance operatives are not in place, thus giving our clients continued information gathering on their case. 


The vehicle tracking service provides a live movement and tracking service through the use of high tech GPS tracking technology that we monitor on your behalf. Throughout the service you will receive daily updates of the movement of the vehicle, On completion of the tracking service, we will provide you with a tracking data analysis report, identifying all the locations the subject vehicle has visited. 

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