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Templar Investigations Ltd is registered as a data controller with the information commissioner's office, conducting all investigations and operations in accordance with the data protection act 1998. ICO Registered number: ZA451989

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Templar Investigations Ltd  is a registered company within companies house. Company No:11386806.

Surveillance . 

Templar Investigations conducts surveillance by covertly monitoring the assigned subjects movements, activities and conversations on behalf of our clients. The surveillance conducted is of a covert nature, thus ensuring that the subject or the subjects are unaware they are being monitored. 

What is Surveillance.

Surveillance is a form of monitoring in either an overt or covert form. Covert surveillance is a useful and effective tool for gathering information on a subject or subjects. Surveillance is typically part of an investigation into personal circumstances, workplace investigations e.g. absenteeism, injury claims and theft. Surveillance is used not only by the private consumer but is required regularly by insurance companies, solicitors and corporate companies to monitor fraud and other illegal activities.

Surveillance services.

Mobile Surveillance

Covertly monitoring from a specially designed vehicle, Providing evidence of locations, routes took, vehicles used and persons within. Mobile surveillance is usually used by a pair of operatives or greater, this method allows operatives less exposure to the subject or subjects. 

Foot Surveillance

Surveillance of this nature is predominately used within major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh e.t.c. The use of foot surveillance allows the operative to follow the subject or subjects into a variety of venues and most commonly on and off public transport. The operative or operatives will use specialist covert imagery recording devices to obtain the evidence required. 

Static Surveillance

Conducted from a static surveillance platform, usually via a specially adapted vehicle, however, this can also be within a building or a sustainable area within the vicinity of the operation. 

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