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Skip tracing. 

Skip tracing is the act of locating somebody who doesn’t want to be found. The terminology refers to the person skipping town. Private investigators carry out a skip trace service and their services can be used for several different reasons.

In most instances, the case will relate to a debt owed but there can be other reason as to why somebody will enlist the services of private investigation service.


·      Important Witnesses for a Legal Case

·      Locating Heirs to Estates

·      The Serving of Legal Documentation

·      Suspects Who Have Skipped Bail


Given that each case will have its own factors that need to be considered, the way a person is located can vary.

Although some companies can obtain what’s owed via a CCJ, this can be difficult when the person is longer at a listed address.

Those looking to evade detection will often limit the trail being left, however, at Templar Investigations ltd we are able to use tactics and our years of experience to allow for a more in-depth investigation to be made.




Many companies offering skip tracing services are of good repute, but it’s still important to ensure that you’re using the right professional when locating a person of interest. It is of the utmost importance that you’re using a professional that can offer several avenues of the investigation while ensuring any services carried out are done so in cost-effective way.

Templar Investigations Ltd is private investigation company that not only deals with skip tracing but also offers professional surveillance and process service. If you’re looking to find an individual that owes a great deal of money, then why not get in touch with us to discuss you requirements in more detail.

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