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Protective Surveillance. 

Protective Surveillance allows the principle/client and the family to conduct their normal daily routine without obtrusive protection. however, it gives the peace mind that they have protection around them monitoring any possible threat and ready to react if required to do so.


Protective Surveillance provides physical and electronic protections, continued intelligence gathering and dynamic risk assessment by way of  Surveillance.  Protective Surveillance is used as an alternative to normal Close Protection, as this might be seen as inappropriate or intrusive.


Protective surveillance can also be used as a child/family protection tool where the young adult or family member are unaware that they are being monitored, but you have the peace of mind that they have protection ready to extract or support them should they have any issues or get into trouble. 


Clients requesting Protective Surveillance are : 


  • High Net Worth 

  • Ultra-High Net Worth 

  • Children protection  

  • Family protection 

  • Stalker victim


Executive Close Protection can be provided should this be a requirement.

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