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Templar Investigations Ltd is registered as a data controller with the information commissioner's office, conducting all investigations and operations in accordance with the data protection act 1998. ICO Registered number: ZA451989

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Templar Investigations Ltd  is a registered company within companies house. Company No:11386806.

Counter Surveillance. 

Counter Surveillance or anti-surveillance is the employment of highly trained operatives to use methods and or devices for the detection of other surveillance teams.  Operatives trained in counter-surveillance are seasoned practitioners of covert surveillance, This allows the counter-surveillance operative knowledge of the tactics used in covert surveillance. 


Counter surveillance is used to identify the vehicles and operatives conducting the covert surveillance on yourself or the principle, therefore, preventing any hostile action or opportunity to gain intelligence.


The counter-surveillance team can work in a covert manner blending into the population, they can work with other surveillance groups as an outer Corden or with close protection teams giving them early warning to a possible threat and outing the hostile surveillance vocally. 

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