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Child Welfare. 

There has been an increase in child welfare investigation requests by clients who are the parents or guardians in a family. There are many reasons for the requests whether its out of concern for a teenager or young adult member to the family, when they leave the house or due to evidence gathering for a legal case regarding child support/custody or to confirm that the parent/guardian is staying in line with a court order during visits. 


Our teams will monitor all movements and interactions of the child/young adult and third parties during the investigation,  if its location concerns our operative(s) are able to monitor the addresses, logging and reporting all activity.  Should your concerns be regarding the child after the parental exchange the assigned operative(s) will monitor, follow and document any activity or concerns?  The specially trained operative(s) are fully aware of the sensitivity of cases of this nature and are very aware of other children and sensitive locations. Female operatives are available for cases of this nature upon request. 


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